MOVING HOUSE ART SALE:     I have moved from the beautiful summerland of the Mojave Desert to enchanting watery Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where where I am in the process of finding a studio/home.   I am offering 25% off all work created in the desert, and 50% off x-large work (bigger than 60x44").  Email me from the bottom of this page of you are interested.  My paintings are also on sale in the Palm Springs area at Colin Fisher Studios, 68929 Perez Road, Suite M, Cathedral City, California,  760-324-7300.  

             DESERT CLOUD                    oil on canvas                           66" x 66"

 All images copyright Tina Bluefield.   All rights reserved.  For questions or purchase send email.      Address:  48 Seaboard Lane, Hyannis MA 02601